Created with Free Software
Who we are?

We are free software enthusiasts working on o.s. since 1998 and someone before too.

We love to promote websites, courses, campaigns.

We need your support too as we our targets need our help.

Are you ready to join this foundation?

If so, feel free to email us at info[at]vedova[dot]org.

If you have never heard of open source and free software: Vedova Foundation runs education events and maintains free, web-based learning tools, to help people get involved in collaborative software development; and we work with computer programming meetup groups to help them run more newcomer-friendly and gender-diverse events. These meetup groups are educational groups that meet free of cost to educate the public on computer software programming topics.

If you have: Vedova Foundation is a non-profit organization with the goals of lowering the barriers to entry into the open source community and increasing diversity. We achieve these goals through a number of initiatives.

About the non-profit: We are a tiny UK not-for-profit organization, supported by dozens of volunteers who help maintain our web technology, which we share freely with the world under an open source software license, supported by dozens of volunteers who help make our free events possible, and financially supported by generous corporate sponsors and individual donors. Our Sponsors Page lists the past sponsors.

Training missions

You can use our interactive learning tools for free, on the web as our training missions, to get experience with common tools of open source development.

IRC community

Vedova foundation has an active IRC chat room (which you can join free of cost) #vedovafoundation on Freenode, where we mentor a bunch of new contributors, both on Vedova Foundation and on other projects. It’s a great place to ask questions and get help working on bugs in a friendly, low-pressure environment. We’ve helped many people contribute to open source projects for the first time through this channel. You are invited to join us!

Outreach events

Vedova Foundation runs outreach events of several flavors, including:

Open Source at Campus

Open Source at Campus is a series of workshop run on college campuses to help teach students the community knowledge and technical skills to participate in globally distributed software projects. These events are free of cost, supported by donations to Vedova Foundation. We are emphasizing organizing these with man and women in computer science groups.

Other online and in-person open source & free software teaching events

Some examples of past events we plan to run:

  • Free workshop to help people learn how to use free software.
  • Free workshop to help people learn how to contribute to the free software.

Get involved

Want to contribute to OpenHatch? Want help contributing to another open source project? We’d love to hear from you.