Thanking our sponsors

We are grateful to the generous gifts of our sponsors. By believing in Vedova foundation, they enable us to change the world of open source and programming communities for the better.

This list reflects sponsors who have supported the organization over the last twelve months. Many have given to support the Open Source at Campus program specifically; a handful support the organization as a whole. We wish to thank all of them.

Organizational sponsors, 2017

  • Anonymous individual donor

In-kind donations

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Sponsoring Open Source at Campus in 2017

We’re always looking for companies and individuals that are excited about our efforts to teach students how to get involved in free software. This year, in 2017, we are focusing on scaling these workshops to reach beyond our in-person presence, as you can read on our Goals for Open Source at Campus in 2017 blog post. We will retain our excitement about reaching a diverse group of students and on working with man and women in FSC groups.

Please read our sponsorship information site and get in touch by emailing donate[at]vedova[dot]org!

Sponsoring Vedova Foundation as a whole

If you believe in our mission generally, and are enthusiastic about sponsoring the organization, please send an email to donate[at]vedova[dot]org!