Vedova Foundation collaborates with open communities around software to organize outreach events that make them more active and diverse.

You can run these events within your community or project. We want to help you make them succeed. Get in touch »

Open Source at Campus
Through workshops at colleges, we teach the next generation of computer science students how to participate in open source communities. The workshop is a collaboration with existing on-campus computing groups so that free software and open source becomes a lasting part of campus culture.


Linux Workshop
We empower women and their friends to learn practical programming in a beginner-friendly environment. By integrating the workshop into existing Linux user groups, we retain attendees and build gender diversity into the main community.


Build It
We help projects organize a virtual newcomers night on IRC. When you create a space for newcomers, curious users step up and ask technical questions about becoming involved. Read about our successes and how to run one for your project.