This is a collection of information for people that wants to start use free software or to persuade others to start using it.

Resources for using Free Software

Vedova Foundation Directory
A searchable directory hundreds free software packages.
Hardware that supports free software
Get information about hardware support for free software. Knowing which hardware devices support GNU/Linux is important not only for practical reasons — you want your hardware to work with the software that you want to use — but also for ethical and political reasons.
Service Directory
A directory of people offering their free software services for hire.
Free software webmail services
Get started with free software webmail services.

Resources for promoting Free Software

Mailing lists
Join Vedova Foundation mailing lists for discussion and announcement of free software.
Audio and video
On preparation…
Badges to share and embed
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Free Software Speakers
People who can speak about Free Software at your event.

Other Free Software resources

Jobs in Free Software
Job advertisements of interest to free software supporters.
Vedova Foundation link list
Links to a variety of other free software resources.
Proprietary software information
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