Our GNU/Linux Servers

Just a little – non-exhaustive – tour on Servers installed in our offices & labs around the world.

Linux Server Tornado Torpedo Tortuga

Tornado, a 4GB Ram, Dual Processor, Raid 1 @ 15,000rpm disks
It acts as Internal Web & Proxy server, also as Public OpenSearchServer.
Running Debian GNU/Linux

Torpedo, a 2GB Ram, Pentium4 Processor, Raid 1 @ 7,200rpm disks
It acts as SQL server, also available to the Internet.
Running Ubuntu Linux Server

Tortuga, a 4GB Ram, AMD 4Core Processor, Raid 1 @ 10,000rpm disks
It acts for communications services like Mail, Jabber & IRC.
Running Ubuntu Linux Server

Linux Server Tornado

Linux Server Torpedo

Other servers are IPCop (running IPCop Distro), a 2GB Ram, Pentium Processor, Raid 1 @ 7,200rpm disks running Firewall+Proxy Services and some other systems too.